Stevens Close Watch



Stevens Close Watch is a local community based website created to safeguard and protect the residents of Stevens Close, Canvey Island. Our aim is to keep a close eye and report any acts that threaten our right to reside in a safe and peaceful environment.



There seems to be a lot of confusion as to who can and cannot park in the car spaces (Car Park Areas) within Stevens Close.

We contacted Castle Point Council and it has been clarified that the car parking spaces are for everyone's use providing their vehicles have tax and a valid MOT. They also stressed that car parking is on a first come first served basis only and there are no parking allocations for anyone.

So, to end the confusion, you can park your vehicles anywhere you like.



Well done Stevens Close. This situation has now been dealth with. Thank you for your support.

We have been invaded by organised crime. A motorhome and a number of other vehicles have parked up in the car park area at the end of our park, using it as a base to sell drugs locally and returning in the evenings to sleep in the motorhome. Please be carefull when in and around this area as we do not know the full extent of their intended activities. This matter has been reported to the Council and local authorities.

Motorhome: White Transit: YD61 CBU

White Audi: BW15 MAY


Resident: 18 Stevens Close.

Since moving into our park this resident has proven that she has no intention in participating in a manner to keep Stevens Close a safe place to reside in. It seems she is hell bent on causing nothing but trouble for the other residents in our park.

During lock down she hosted many parties in her flat attended by up to 12 guests from all over including London where COVID was at its worst. She and her guests were walking around outside her flat shouting and screaming, pissed, ignoring all the lock down rules.

During the renovations of the flats (New doors were fitted) she had her family steal the old doors.

In her last place where she lived, she and her family terrorised an elderly neighbour making her life a living hell. Apparently, the entire street had a party when she left.

Left? She owed the council thousands in council tax arrears. Though the council were not her landlords rather the Baptists, She had to get out. That and the illegal activities she was conducting over the 17 years of her tenancy there, an eviction was the next step.

But worse of all, she is a grasser. Watching what other neighbours are doing, gossiping about them behind their backs and reporting them to the authorities.

Watch your backs Stevens Close.

She’s watching you. 



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